Who is David?david_001
David was the first singer/songwriter we know of.  He lived around 1040 B.C. and his story in the Bible is known the world over. From shepherd boy to court musician, from giant slayer to warrior, writer of over half of the book of Psalms, anointed king of the tribes of Israel, David was called the man after God's own heart.

What's "the song inside you" all about?
Being musically driven, I think in terms of all things creative as a song inside you. I believe everyone has at least one gift to share with the world, like the street musician in the photo above. David was a man who heard God's song inside himself.


Why does playdavidsharp.com exist?
This website was built to become a clearinghouse of ideas. I will be collecting  responses, feedback, and how-to questions to post them and trade info. Enjoy the music and the videos; they’re free.  In exchange, I ask that you subscribe on the Contact page so you'll receive bi-weekly blogs. No pressure…just have some good things to share with you.FotoFlexer_Photo copyDavids_Harp_Cover_full