Dialogue: (Scene Two) David is sent to the army encampment

Narrator:   King Saul was in a terrible mood. Because he had disobeyed, the spirit of God had left him.  He was a man tormented…

Saul:  I’ve had it with the Philistines!  Day after day these pagans defy us, threaten us.          God, where are you?  I am being crushed by this darkness.

Advisors:  Master, let us find a good musician to play music on the harp to sooth you when you are not yourself. Then you’ll be well enough to resume your duties.

Saul:  Fine. Do it! I’ll try anything that will give me some relief.

Advisors:  Jesse from Bethlehem has a son who is a talented harp player. Not only that –he is a brave warrior, a fine-looking young man and the Lord is with him.

Saul:  Bring him to me – and do it quickly.

Narrator: Messengers were sent and David went to Saul’s palace to play the harp. When Saul got depressed, David played until his spirits were lifted.  Saul was so pleased with him he made David his armor bearer as well. Then came a day Saul and Israel’s army were encamped in the valley of Elah, ready to do battle with the Philistines.

David:  Sir, are you in charge of supplies for the troops?

Sentry:  Yes, son.  What have you got there?

David:  A basket of roasted grain, ten loaves of bread and some cheese. I was sent by my father Jesse; my brothers are here in this camp somewhere…

Sentry:  I know your family.  Hey Eliab, is this your kid brother?

Eliab:  What are you doing here?  You’re supposed to be home playing nursemaid to Father’s sheep.  Hoping to see a bloody battle, were you?  Get on home!

David:  What have I done now?  Father sent me with supplies.  And what’s this I hear about a Philistine bad-mouthing Jehovah’s name?  Who is allowing this to happen?

Eliab:  You don’t know what you’re talking about. (commotion ensues)   Oh, no.  Here he comes… right on schedule.  Goliath!