Dialogue: (Scene Three) The rise of David; the fall of Saul

Sentry:  Master Commander, this is the brave young man who has been asking about the reward for killing the Philistine.

Saul:  Well!   You look nothing like I expected.  You’re too young and inexperienced to fight a man of war. Then again, no one else has volunteered.  You’re our only hope!  Here  - at least take my helmet and my sword and coat of mail.

David:  (tries them on)  My king, this is only a hindrance.  I have everything I need to get the job done. Everyone watching will know the Lord-of-the-angel-armies is with us!

Narrator:  How well we know the story… David felled the giant with a single stone from his sling, for David carried  no sword.   When Goliath crashed to the ground, David ran to him and, pulling the giant’s sword from its sheath, cut off his head. Abner the commander of Saul’s army brought David, still carrying the giants head, to Saul.

Saul:  An amazing display of courage, young man. Tell me where you’re from.

David:  Do you not recognize me?  I am the same one who plays harp for you in the palace.  I’m Jesse’s son; we’re the ones that live in Bethlehem.

Narrator:  Word of David’s bravery spread through towns all over Israel.  The people rushed to greet him as a conquering hero.  Saul was put off by the attention David was getting, and plotted to kill him.  One day while David was playing his harp for him at the palace, Saul flew into a jealous rage.  Twice he threw his spear at David and tried to pin him to the wall. Twice David escaped. Saul had a son named Jonathan who was looking out for David. They became close friends.

Jonathan:  David, I overheard my father’s plans to assassinate you.  I’m urging you, my brother, find a hiding place in the fields until I can get to the bottom of this.

David:  All I know Jonathan, is that I’ve done everything Saul asked of me.  He put me in command of  armies and I’ve brought back victories.  Soon I’ll  become your brother -in-law when I take your sister Michal’s hand in marriage.  But I don’t get it; one day he’s at peace with me, and other times I feel his unbridled hatred.

Jonathan:  I’ll speak with him, David.  From now on, if he has plans against you, you’ll be the first to know.  Our oath of friendship, our covenant, will be a lasting one.

David:  Nothing will ever come between us, Jonathan. Not even death.  Your father has my respect and loyalty; after all he’s still God’s appointed leader.  It’s the right thing to honor him, in spite of his threats to kill me.

Jonathan:  Well spoken by the one God has anointed to succeed him.  Amazing, actually.

Narrator:  For a time there was peace in the courts of the palace.  But then, during one of Saul’s dark days, he sent troops to watch the house where David and Michal lived.

Michal:  David, there’s men outside our courtyard and they’re armed.  Something’s going on.  You’d better slip out the back way!

David:  Saul’s henchmen.  I’ll go and talk to them. Maybe there’s an explanation…

Michal:  David, there’s no time.  If you don’t escape now, you’ll be dead by morning.Climb out the back window.  I’m going to make it look like you’re asleep in the back bedroom.  Now go!

Narrator: The next morning the assault team returned to the palace with some bad news.

Saul:  Well, where’s David?  You were sent to capture him while he slept and bring him back to me so I could kill him myself.

Sentry:  Master Commander, your daughter deceived us. She said David was sick.  When we forced our way into the house and pulled back the covers, there was an idol in his bed with a cushion of goat’s hair at its head.

Saul:  You fools!  Put every man in every battalion on alert.  Guards, get my horse and my battle gear ready. We will hunt him down like an animal until we find him.

Narrator:  So David was now a fugitive, running for his life.  He escaped to a cave out in the desert.  Before long, faithful troops, David’s brothers, and all his relatives joined him there until he was the captain of about 400 men. But David was feeling the pressure.

David:   I cry out to God Most High…send help from heaven to rescue me; disgracing those who hound me…  I am surrounded by fierce lions who greedily devour human prey - whose teeth pierce like spears and arrows, and whose tongues cut like swords.  (Ps. 57:2-4)