Dialogue: (Scene One) Young David is anointed

(Young David tending sheep visited by an angel)

Narrator:  It was later on that same night out in the fields when David heard a voice…

David:  Who’s there?  Is someone there? (he is retuning his harp)

Angel:  David, this is Gabriel.  I have a message for you… (silence)

David:  Now I know I’ve been out here too long; my sheep are talking back to me…

Angel:  David, I’m an angel.  Sent by Jehovah God.  He sent me here to tell you He has chosen you to be king…  King of Israel…  (long silence)

David:  We already have a king.  Saul was chosen by God to lead our people.

Angel:  Sorry to say, Saul has disobeyed and God’s spirit has left him…

David:  But who am I… pardon me for asking, but wasn’t that you that was sitting here just minutes ago?

Angel:  That was God himself.  He loves to hear you play. He’s had his eye on you because He wants you to lead Judah and eventually rule the whole nation of Israel…

God noticed you have a humble servant’s heart.  That makes you a perfect choice.

David:  You’re an angel, so you must know this:  I’m not very old.  I’m the youngest son of my father Jesse.  I have no experience.  And being a king doesn’t seem possible!

Angel:  Count on God to do the impossible.

David:  But I’ve been practicing my harp so someday I might become a worship leader at the temple.

Angel:  You won’t have to give that up.  But you will have to think bigger, David.

God has big plans for you. Tomorrow Samuel will be coming to Bethlehem. Your father Jesse will send for you and you will be anointed as the new king.

David:  If God’s behind it, he will provide whatever I need.  I feel his grip, like I’m an instrument in his hands.  And that’s a good feeling!  *

Narrator:  As promised, Samuel did come to Bethlehem the next day, inviting Jesse and his sons to a sacrifice.  Samuel took one look at Jesse’s oldest son and thought to himself,  surely this one is the Lord’s anointed.  But God had other ideas. He said to Samuel:  “Don’t judge by appearance or height.  I have rejected him.   See with my eyes, Samuel.  People judge by outward appearance, but I look on the heart.”

Samuel:  This is not the one the Lord has chosen.  Hmmm.  Neither is this one.  No… nor this one.  Jesse, are these all the sons you have?

Jesse:  There is still the youngest, but he’s out in the pasture watching the sheep.

Samuel:  Send for him at once.  We will not sit down to eat until he arrives.

Narrator:  One look at David when he came in, and the Lord said “this is the one; anoint him”.  So as David stood there among his brothers, Samuel anointed him with a flask of olive oil. From that day on, the Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon him.  David went back to work in the fields tending sheep, but a new world was about to open up to him.