The Story Behind David’s Harp


There’s not much going on at three o'clock in the morning…unless it’s your job to throw papers or glaze the Krispy Kremes.  It’s another a silent night in my neighborhood, except for the buzzing my head… jumbled thoughts and words breaking through a sleepy haze. Think of a junk drawer that won’t close until you finally turn it upside down on the counter to find out what the contents are.  Oh, so you’ve been there too.

These thoughts began two and a half years ago when our Bible study group began discussing the story of David in the Old Testament. First Samuel, then Second Samuel, then spilling over into the book of Psalms, all of which I had read before. But in these early morning awakenings, the spirit of David’s story took on a certain urgency.

What I heard were David’s words from the Psalms, but painted in vivid audio colors. Instead of a ten-string lyre, I heard accompaniments with acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, sitars, cymbals and various percussion instruments. No way could I have come up with these thoughts on my own. As with all things creative, I believe God put them there. He sends, we receive.

As they passed on through the centuries, the Psalms and the story of David seem to take on a fresh meaning, a fresh inspiration for each generation. I gave this relevant, timeless spirit of God a name:   the song inside you.

harp_001Do you have some creative thoughts or skills or abilities you’re keeping to yourself? Think about pursuing them.  Everyone has talents that can be shared with others. Whatever creative thoughts wake you up at three in the morning, or anytime, lean in and listen. Think of these talents you've been gifted with as a song playing inside you, waiting to be sung.