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Who are the talent on David’s Harp?

Singers, musicians, an engineer, a speed painting illustrator, and a songwriter were brought together to make this six song EP.  The purpose is not only to share David’s story, but to share the process of getting David’s Harp into the marketplace. There are more songs in production as you read this.  We’ll tell the rest of the story as it unfolds.

king-david-lyre-kinnor1Why the guitar instead of a harp?

David’s instrument was actually a ten-stringed lyre, a forerunner of all stringed instruments. If David was alive today, he would probably play a Martin acoustic guitar or an electric like a Gibson Les Paul to accompany the psalms and hymns he wrote. We recorded the CD David’s Harp using acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, sitar, dobro,  a 12-string acoustic, bass, keys, and percussion.